HEMU – Haute école de Musique – University of Music Lausanne – Fribourg, Switzerland

Applications are now open for HEMU Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Additional continuing education courses for advanced students are also offered.


MASTER music pedagogy

MASTER music performance

MASTER specialized music performance

Scholarship of CHF 5,000 available, sponsored by the Académie d’Orgue de Fribourg Foundation, to study at HEMU. For any question, feel free to contact me.



CIVICA SCUOLA DI MUSICA “CLAUDIO ABBADO” – Institute of Ancient Music – Milan, Italy

It offers advanced courses in Renaissance, baroque and classical instruments with world-renowned teachers. The Institute of Ancient Music, amongst other activities, offers to the students the possibility to perform together with selected, experienced international professionals in prestigious places in Milan.

Applications will be open soon for:

Triennal Degree

Biennal Degree