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The Andreas Bach Buch, then is one of the very few reliable documents of Bach’s activity as a composer during the period 1700-1715 ca. Johann Cristoph Bach’s concern to compile the works of the young Johann Sebastian for posterity may well be accounted the first recognition of and tribute to his elder brother’s art and genius.

Maurizio Croci at the organ Grob (1784) Ahrend (1993) of the Payerne church (CH).

“Il tocco di Maurizio Croci, (…), è perfetto, tanto da farne un disco che, nonostante la lunghezza, si ascolta con rapimento.”
Classic Voice

“Croci’s enjoyable performances are cleary articulated and (…) he has a flexible approach to the basic pulse. (…) His use  of the marvellous organ at Payerne is certainly very colorful and striking with plentiful use of the reed stops.”Christopher Nickol, Gramophone, October 2004.

Musikbibliothek der Stadt Leipzig, III. 8. 4)

The Andreas Bach Buch contains a ride range of styles and genres: there are orchestral transcriptions, fugues, toccatas, fantasias, preludes, suites, variations and free pieces from Germany, France and Italy. The book is a veritable compendium of the composers, genres and styles influencing the highly curious, attentive young Johann sebastian and of his immediate responses to them, showing his ability to take those influences and use them to create his own personal voice through study, assimilation, imitation and transformation.JEAN FERRARD, Le Magazine de l’orgue

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